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  • Zero Add Cabernet Sauvignon

    Atlas Peak - Napa Valley

  • Rosé of Grenache

    Lodi, California

  • Grenache

    Lodi, California

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Our Vision

From separate places and backgrounds, our paths led us all to the Napa Valley. United by a passion for wine and the culture that surrounds it, we felt there was a need to create a space that was inclusive and accepting in an otherwise less than diverse industry. We quickly found our stride and that space evolved into a vision to share our love of community, education, and ethically produced wines with the world

Around our tasting group's table and around an idea, our business was born. Providing a community that perpetuates the growth of its members through modern, fun, and fully immersive education, we are here to fill a void and show the world first hand that wine IS for everyone.

We hope to share a glass and our passion with you.

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