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Our Vision

From separate places and backgrounds, our paths led us all to the Napa Valley. United by a passion for wine and the culture that surrounds it, we felt there was a need to create a space that was inclusive and accepting in an otherwise less than diverse industry. We quickly found our stride and that space evolved into a vision to share our love of community, education, and ethically produced wines with the world

Around our tasting group's table and around an idea, our business was born. Providing a community that perpetuates the growth of its members through modern, fun, and fully immersive education, we are here to fill a void and show the world first hand that wine IS for everyone.

We hope to share a glass and our passion with you.
Meet the Team
"No matter where you get to, never forget where you came from. From there, we build the bridge for the future"
- Brendan

Brendan Kam


Graduating in 2017 from Auburn University with a degree in Hospitality, Brendan came to Napa to pursue his passion with a quest to understand the culture that surrounds outstanding wines. Through his aggressive pursuit of education, Brendan achieved CSW and Certified Sommelier certifications,, but more importantly he met Angel and, together, they created a community that embraces inclusiveness instilled with the desire to experience, preserve and share knowledge. Though their focus initially was on sommeliers, their tasting group quickly evolved into a multicultural tasting group that gathered winemakers, cellar crew, tasting room staff, food service staff and connoisseurs.

Angel Arevalo

Media Director/Cofounder

Dedication and an undeniable drive for success define Angel. He fell in love with wine early on through his time behind the bar in Des Moines. Well, nothing was going to stop him from getting more familiar with his new found love. So he left the place he grew up, abandoning his engineering school and waiving goodbye to his family to become a Sommelier in the Napa Valley.

Angel is currently an Advanced Sommelier by the Court of Master Sommeliers, Americas (CMS-A) with no thought in stopping his quest for knowledge. He has focused on excellence all his life and now he is hoping to share that excellence with the world through his education.

"Those who tell the stories, rule the world"
- Plato
"Let the site and time shine and share your heart with the world"

Jay Nunez


A curious soul with creative inclinations. Jay Nunez found himself infatuated with the vinification process, sustainable agriculture and the Napa Valley wine community. This infatuation turned in to obsession. Filling his home with wine projects while working two jobs and going to school. Those wine projects as well as exposure to the heart of the American wine industry slowly showed him less is more. These experiences molded his vision on how and led him in to his current minimal interventionist perspective on winemaking.

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